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 As specialists we have the knowledge, skill and equipment to diagnose and repair your car to main dealer standard.

As with servicing and MOT’s it is very important to have your Smart/ Mercedes repaired by people who know how to do it properly, and have the correct equipment and knowledge. Being a Smart/ Mercedes specialist we use the MB STAR diagnostic system. This system is Mercedes own and is developed solely for their products. Any other system you may come across will not have the same capabilities as MB STAR. This regularly leads to problems being incorrectly diagnosed or missed out completely by general garages, not something you want to happen with such specialist cars.

However it’s not just the diagnostic equipment that matters as this doesn’t always point out the exact component at fault. Sometimes it can only point to the general area. That’s where you need the expertise and knowledge that we posses here at Hampshire Smart Centre. With 87% of our work being purely on Smart/ Mercedes we are often able to identify problems quickly, and let you know of any that may be about to occur. Nobody wants to collect their car from the garage after being without it for a day only to have to bring it back a week or so later for something else. We will always advise you of anything we find, it is the your decision whether you have it repaired or not.

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