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Bringing your Smart Car or Mercedes to a specialist is the only way to guarantee work is carried out fully and correctly.

Where you have your Smart serviced is very important, as it is for your Mercedes. Smart cars are a complete car squeezed into half the space. Many serviceable components can be difficult to get to. Unfortunately many general garages ignore these parts because they know they won’t be seen by the customer. Or in fact that they themselves don’t where some components are and that they actually need changing at service. It’s something we see time and time again when cars are brought here after being serviced elsewhere. One example of this among many would be the second row of spark plugs on the ForTwo 450. It’s pretty common for us to find these plugs have not been changed in years.

There are some components of the Smart car which are covered by trim that MOT testers are not allowed to remove, and obstruct the view of important aspects of the vehicle such as brake pipes. When you book your car in with us we check these components either pre or post MOT as a matter of course, so when you bring your car to us not only do you get a full MOT, we also go that extra mile to check bushes, joints and safety aspects that the MOT tester can’t get to.

As with Mercedes the oil used to service these cars is vital, as are regular oil changes. It’s not ok just to use any grade of oil in such highly engineered engines, as both these brands are. Smart engines maybe small, but the horse power produced actually matches some high performance cars when scaled up. We’ve replaced many engines due to the wrong oil being used. The engine becomes clogged up and coated with a black tar inside. Totally unfixable.

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